For routine tasks use our tools to save time on what is important. logo Argon2 Hash Generator

Easily generate argon2 (argon2i, argon2d, argon2id) hashes with all available parameters & options. Verify existing hashes with plain texts and find important resources about this winner algorithm.

Use logo WCAG Color Contrast Checker

Use this tool to calculate contrast ratio of two given colors and check for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Learn about color theory and find related handpicked blog posts and resources.

Use logo URL Slug Generator

Simple but smart tool to generate SEO friendly and human readable URL slugs for your next blog post or web page. Check examples and learn more about URLs from trusted sources.

Use logo Image to Base64 Converter

Using base64 encoded images in HTML or CSS can be a great opportunity in many cases. Using our tool you can instantly convert images of various formats to base64 data URIs.

Use logo CRC32 Checksum Calculator

Instantly calculate CRC 32 checksums, find specifications and resources.

Use logo CRC64 Checksum Calculator

Instantly calculate CRC 64 checksums, find specifications and resources.

Use logo Cron Expression Generator

Smartest crontab expression generator allowing you to ask for expression by typing what you need. Edit crontab expressions and make sure you have scheduled correctly.

Use logo Bcrypt Hash Generator

Bcrypt hash generator and verifier. Generate hashes with various parameters, verify against plain text and find related resources.


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